function to convert integer genotypic data file to raw internal data formated file

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function to convert integer genotypic data file to raw internal data formated file


Converts integer genotypic data file to raw internal data formated file


convert.snp.text(infile, outfile, bcast = 10000)


infile Input data file name
outfile Output data file
bcast Reports progress after reading bcast portion of SNPs


Input genotypic data file contains all kind of genetic information. The first line of this file contains IDs of all study subjects. The second line gives names of all SNPs in the study. The third line list the chromosomes the SNPs belong to. Sequential numbers are used for autosomes and "X" (capital!) is used for the sex-chromosome. The forth line lists genomic position of the SNPs, in order which is the same as order in the line 2. The genomic position can be chromosome-specific (each chromosome starts with "0") or, better, a true genomic position (chromosome 1 starts with 0 and chromosome 2 continues at the point chromosome 1 ends).

Starting with the line five, genetic data are presented. The 5th line contains the data for SNP, which is listed first on the second line. The first column of this line specifies the genotype for the person, who is listed first on the line 1; the second column gives the genotype for the second person, so on. The genotypes are coded as 0 (missing), 1 (for AA), 2 (for AB) and 3 (for BB). Here is a small example:

289982 325286 357273 872422 1005389

SNP-1886933 SNP-2264565 SNP-2305014

1 1 1

825852 2137143 2585920

3 3 3 3 2

3 2 3 3 3

2 2 1 1 1

In this example, we can see that SNP-2305014 (number 3 in the second line) is located on chromosome 1 at the position 2585920. If we would like to know what is genotype of person with ID 325286 (second in the first line), we need to take second column and the third line of the genotypic data. This cell contains 1, thus, person 325286 has genotype "AA" at SNP-2305014.

In the event that you do not want to use a map for some reason (such as prior ordering of the polymorphisms in the genotype file), make a dummy map-line, which contains order information.

The above described genotypic data file is (more or less) human-readable; actually, to achieve the aim of effective data storage GWAA package uses internal format. In this format, four genotypes are stored in single byte; "raw" data format of R is used.


Does not return any value


The function does not check if "outfile" already exists, thus it is always over-written


Yurii Aulchenko

See Also, convert.snp.illumina, convert.snp.ped, convert.snp.mach, convert.snp.tped


# convert.snp.text("genos.dat","genos.raw")

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