Genome-wide significance for a GWA scan

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Genome-wide significance for a GWA scan


Genome-wide significance for a GWA scan. Analysis function is qtscore.


emp.qtscore(formula , data, snpsubset, idsubset, strata, trait.type="gaussian", times = 200, 
		quiet=FALSE, bcast = 10)


All arguments are the same as in and passed intact to the qtscore. See help for this function.
formula Formula describing fixed effects to be used in analysis, e.g. y ~ a + b means that outcome (y) depends on two covariates, a and b. If no covariates used in analysis, skip the right-hand side of the equation.
data An object of
snpsubset Index, character or logical vector with subset of SNPs to run analysis on. If missing, all SNPs from data are used for analysis.
idsubset Index, character or logical vector with subset of IDs to run analysis on. If missing, all people from data/cc are used for analysis.
strata Stratification variable. If provieded, scores are computed within strata and then added up.
trait.type "gaussian" or "binomial". If not specified, the procedure quesses the type
times If more then one, the number of replicas to be used in derivation of empirical genome-wide significance. See emp.qtscore, which calls qtscore with times>1 for details
quiet do not print warning messages
bcast If the argument times > 1, progress is reported once in bcast replicas


In the analysis of empirical significance, first time the function qtscore is called and result object is saved. Later, the function qtscore is called times times with replace=FALSE in order to generate distribution under the null. Each call, minimal P-value is extracted and compared with original P-values. For a particular SNP, empirical P-value is obtained as a proportion of times minimal Ps from resampled data was less then original P.

The list elements effB, effAB and effBB are the ones obtained from the analysis of the original (not permuted) data set

The function does not yet implement correct analysis for X-linked data.


Object of class scan.gwaa-class


Yurii Aulchenko

See Also

qtscore, emp.ccfast, scan.gwaa-class


# this does not make sense, as the whole experiment must be analysed, not a small region!

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