The GenABEL project community

Above all, we appreciate continuous contribution from the GenABEL users and developers [ People ].

The R and the R-Forge

The GenABEL project is in large part made possible by continuous efforts of the R and R-Forge teams [ R | R-Forge ]

Current support:

Former support:

  • the Laboratory of Recombination and Segregation Analysis (Prof. Tatiana I. Axenovich and Prof. Pavel M. Borodin), Institute of Cytology and Genetics SD RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia [ the Laboratory | ICG SD RAS ]
  • the BioUML/ISB/DotE (Dr. Fedor Kolpakov), Novosibirsk, Russia [ BioUML ]
  • the Genetic Epidemiology Unit (Prof. Cornelia M. van Duijn), Department of Epidemiology, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, The Netherlands [ Genetic Epidemiology Unit | Department of Epidemiology | Erasmus MC Rotterdam ]
  • the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (Dr. Marc van Driel, Dr. Morris Swertz) [ NBIC ]


At this page, we acknowledge these who supported the GenABEL project as the whole, e.g. through sponsoring salary of GenABEL-core team members, direct financial or labor support of developments, critical to the project as a whole, etc. For acknowledgments of specific sub-projects and packages from the GenABEL suite, see Packages pages [ Packages ]. It is up to specific package maintainers to provide this information.