There are many ways in which you can contribute to the GenABEL project, and we are open for suggestions. Here is an (incomplete) list of things you can do to help the project.


While you are browsing through this web-site, you may find broken links or some inconsistencies. We will appreciate if you report these to the web-site admin (see the "People" page) [ People ]

Help others

If you are an experienced GenABEL user, please subscribe to the GenABEL forum, and help answering questions from other users [ GenABEL forum ]

Bug reporting

If you think you have identified a bug, please discuss that at the forum, and submit it to the genabel-devel mailing list [ GenABEL forum | For developers ]

Cleaning up the documentation

You can help cleaning up the documentation: there are some grammatical errors, awkward phrasings, and unclear parts. If you are willing to do that, please contact us at the genabel-devel list with your suggestions [ For developers ]

Contribute a tutorial

While we try to have a complete tutorial, we hope for your help with new ones. If you think you can contribute a tutorial, please contact us at the genabel-devel list with your suggestion. We then will discuss how to do that in the best way (e.g. we mostly use Sweave for developing the tutorials) [ For developers ]

Fixing the bugs and adding new features

There are few bugs, and also missing features in the GenABEL suite. We will greatly appreciate your help in fixing the bugs and adding new features. If you'd like to do that, please send an e-mail to the genabel-dev list with your suggestion to co-ordinate the efforts. Further information: please read "How to contribute a patch" [ GenABEL tracker | For developers ]

New methodology

If you have a bright new methodological idea, and you think it fits well into the open GenABEL project framework, start with open discussion of your proposed methodology at the genabel-development mailing list. After that, you can continue implementation as outlined in the next section. [ For developers ]

New functionality

If you want to implement some novel functionality in the open GenABEL suite framework (as a new function or as a package), start with open discussion of your proposed functionality and architecture at the genabel-development mailing list. You will be able to use the GenABEL project infrastructure and the open community setting for implementation of your ideas. [ For developers ]

Sponsoring bug fixes and new features

If you are willing to sponsor a bug fix or a new feature, please contact one of the GenABEL project coordinators (see the "People" page) [ People ]


The GenABEL project is a free open source project. We aim to maintain transparency throughout all stages: from initial discussion of methodology to the development and maintenance of the software.