DatABEL: file-based access to large matrices stored on HDD in binary format

file-based access to large matrices stored on HDD in binary format

Documentation for package ‘DatABEL’ version 0.9-2

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DatABEL-package DatABEL package for fast consecutive access to large out-of-RAM stored matrices...
apply2dfo applies a function to 'databel' object...
backingfilename Class "databel"
backingfilename-method Class "databel"
cachesizeMb Class "databel"
cachesizeMb-method Class "databel"
cachesizeMb<- Class "databel"
cachesizeMb<--method Class "databel"
connect Class "databel"
connect-method Class "databel"
databel initiates databel object...
databel-class Class "databel"
databel2matrix converts 'databel' to matrix...
databel2text Exports DatABEL object to a text file...
dim-method Class "databel"
dimnames-method Class "databel"
dimnames<--method Class "databel"
disconnect Class "databel"
disconnect-method Class "databel"
extract_text_file_columns extract_text_file_columns
get_dimnames Class "databel"
get_dimnames-method Class "databel"
get_temporary_file_name generates temporary file name...
length-method Class "databel"
make_empty_fvf makes empty filevector object...
matrix2databel converts matrix to 'databel'...
process_lm_output 'apply2dfo'-associated functions...
process_simple_output 'apply2dfo'-associated functions...
save_as Class "databel"
save_as-method Class "databel"
save_as_text Class "databel"
save_as_text-method Class "databel"
setReadOnly<- Class "databel"
setReadOnly<--method Class "databel"
set_dimnames<- Class "databel"
set_dimnames<--method Class "databel"
sum_NA 'apply2dfo'-associated functions...
sum_not_NA 'apply2dfo'-associated functions...
text2databel converts text file to filevector format...
[-method Class "databel"
[<--method Class "databel"