The GenABEL project - an outline

The mission of the GenABEL project is to provide a free framework
for collaborative, robust, transparent, open-source based development
of statistical genomics methodology. We aim to streamline methodology discussion, development, implementation, dissemination and maintenance; through the community.

The GenABEL suite (aka *ABEL suite) is practical result of
implementation of statistical genomics methods developed in the
GenABEL project. The GenABEL suite is an umbrella name for a number of
open-source software packages. The suite is

  • Rich in functionality. Many packages containing 100+ functions related to genomic analysis [ Packages ]
  • Efficient. Meaning you can run a genome-wide association scan on a netBook
  • Flexible. Programming your custom analysis is easy
  • Open, transparent, free. At present, all code is released under the GNU GPL [ GNU GPL ]
  • Well documented. More then 200 pages of reference manuals and about 300 pages of tutorials [ Tutorials | Manuals ]
  • Supported. By our community [ Forum ]
  • Collaborative. The community is open for your contribution [ Contribute ]

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