March 22, 2011: 'findRelatives' in GenABEL-package

'findRelatives' function is implemented in GenABEL-package development version. Compared to standard guessing of relationships from genomic kinship matrix, this procedure offers several enhancements : (1) by use of IBD/IBS 3-state space, it allows to distinguish between some pairs, which have the same average kinship (e.g. parent-offspring from brother-sister; uncle-nephew from grandparent-grandchild, etc.) (2) it reports likelihood, allowing for more rigorous inferences.

This functionality is now available in GenABEL-package development version (on RForge) and will become available in CRAN distribution in the next stable version of GenABEL-package (1.6-6).

Beta-testers are more than welcome! [ For developers ]

posted on March 22, 2011