CRAN release of GenABEL package v. 1.7-6

The GenABEL package version 1.7-6 has been released on CRAN, and versions for Linux, Mac and Win are already available at the time of writing.

Major changes compared to previous CRAN release (1.7-4):

Thanks to Lennart: Changed default behavior of the export.plink() version. Export to .tped is now the default; warning message when user attempts to produce .ped (see bug [#2055]) WARNING: THE ISSUE WITH EXPORTING PED FILE REMAIN, WE STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU USE TPED EXPORT FORMAT

Thanks to Vladimir Naumov: Fixed bug [#2525] (sex coding affected in files exported with with export.merlin(...,dpieceFun="new")

Thanks to Yurii: Fixed bug [#2672] (GenABEL::cocohet produces PNG graphics by default, which prevented Mac OS build on CRAN in 1.7-4)

For more complete log of changes, see GenABEL-package CHANGES.LOG