The GenABEL project: more open than ever!

We are glad and proud to announce that the open source GenABEL project became even more open with the release of the source of the "GenABEL tutorial". The source material is released under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Everybody is invited to copy, modify, extend, and share the source further.

The source can be found in the GenABEL project SCM at the RForge (and here is the direct link to the Tutorial source material).

If you are willing to help us, please feel encouraged to export the source ("svn export svn://"), make the corrections (e.g. there are many typos and awkward phrasings) to the tutorial, and submit the patches to the genabel-developers' mailing list.

Note that not all the data used in "closed" version were transferrable to the open version. These parts are indicated with "DATAPROBLEM" in the text. We will appreciate your help in fixing these problems.