ProbABEL v0.2.0 released

It has been more than a year since the last ProbABEL release. Therefore, we are happy to announce a new release of ProbABEL: version 0.2.0 is out!

The most important changes:

  • pacoxph (for the Cox proportional hazards model) is no longer built by default, because it is too buggy at the moment (actually, that was already the case in the previous release...). We are working on fixing this. See the files doc/CHANGES.LOG and doc/INSTALL on how to compile pacoxph if you really want to.
  • Bug #1889 fixed: in palinear with mmscore the inverse variance-covariance matrix was not passed correctly resulting in wrong effect estimates (especially when only a few SNPs are used). Unfortunately, the present fix results in an increase in compute time of approximately 20% :(.
  • Experimental new feature: ProbABEL can analyse binary traits accounting for relationship structure. This adds the '--mmscore' option for logistic regression. See the ProbABEL manual for more details.
  • For those installing ProbABEL from source: ProbABEL now uses autoconf and automake so the regular
    make check
    make install

    now work. See the file doc/INSTALL for more details.
  • The config file for will now be stored in /usr/local/etc by default.
  • Smaller changes:
    • Memory leaks fixed (Bug #1890)
    • Many improvements to the code layout and some small improvements to make ProbABEL compile with the -Wall option without too many warnings.
    • We now have man pages for pacoxph, palogist and palinear

Were to get it:

  • The source package can be found on the GenABEL website at:
  • Users of Ubuntu (or one of its derivative distributions like Kubuntu or Linux Mint) can install the latest ProbABEL release from the GenABEL PPA (Personal Package Archive) by following these steps:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:l.c.karssen/genabel-ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install probabel