Radboud University Medical Centre sponsors bug fix in ProbABEL's Cox PH module

It is our pleasure to announce the new release of the "pacoxph-fix" branch of ProbABEL which fixes bug [#1846] (discrepancy between results obtained using imputed dosage and probability information). The fix of this bug was sponsored by Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (Prof. Kiemeney) who holds the copyright of the changes, but was willing to release the resulting code under the standard free open source GNU GPL license. The source code is available at http://www.genabel.org/packages/ProbABEL/. We greatly appreciate the Radboud's contribution to the GenABEL project in particular and to free software in general.

Note that the fix is not integrated in the mainstream ProbABEL (now at version 0.2.0), but belongs to the branch "v.0.1-3-pacoxph-fix", which does not support filevector/DatABEL data format. Fixing the Cox PH model in the main ProbABEL branch is high on our wish-list. Your (partial) financial support will be greatly appreciated and will help in achieving this goal quicker, for example by hiring a full-time developer on the project.