Improvements in GenABEL development: continuous integration testing

GenABEL development has made a big step forward with the use of the Jenkins continuous integration platform. Our Jenkins server automatically runs a series of checks each time a change in the code is committed to our SVN version control system. This enables us to continuously monitor the health of our code base by running static code analysis, checks for memory leaks, adherence to coding standards, etc. Hopefully this increases both the stability and the maintainability of the code.

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Our Jenkins server is located at In the coming weeks more checks will be added, as well as more packages from the GenABEL suite. As a result we expect some fluctuations in the number of warnings and errors, but these will gradually become less.

If you are interested in joining the GenABEL project development team let us know! Check out the "For developers" page, and/or join us on the GenABEL development mailing list.