MetABEL v0.2-0 available on CRAN

Version 0.2-0 of MetABEL has just been released on CRAN. This version contains fixes to the forest plots.
(Please click on "read more", below, for more details.)

This is the full changelog for this release:

  • Ticks on the vertical axis have been removed. They served no purpose. Thanks to Goofyna who reported this bug on our forum.
  • Removed the vertical axis label by default. The user can set it using ylab="Text".
  • Changed the "Chi2" text to Greek/math font: \chi^2.
  • Converted the horizontal axis label to show a math \beta instead of "Beta".
  • The vertical line at x=0 is now dashed

Please note that unfortunately this release still contains a flip bug. If you run into other bugs please let us know in our bug tracker. For support questions, please use the GenABEL forum.