DatABEL v.0.9-6 published on CRAN

We are pleased to announce that a minor update to the DatABEL package has been publised on CRAN today. DatABEL v.0.9-6 contains some minor changes and one bug fix.
(Please click on "read more", below, for more details.)

The changes in this update are minor and mainly concern some "housekeeping".
The most important changes are:

  • Removed automatic check for newer versions (at the request of the CRAN team, since it these kind of requests generate unwanted load on their servers)
  • Fixed bug #2174: "windows 7 64bit gives warning it is a 32 bit system". The warning message is now no longer displayed when running a 64bit R on Windows. Unfortunately the underlying bug #5522 still exists, so using files larger than 4GB is still not possible on Windows.

As this is a minor update, we don't expect any problems when upgrading. However, if you are not affected by the bug fixed in this update, there is no need for an immediate upgrade.

Please let us know of any problems on our forum or in the bug tracker.