The GenABEL tutorial receives a DOI

Today we uploaded the current version of the GenABEL tutorial PDF to As a result, the tutorial has been given a DOI (10.5281/zenodo.19738), which is a unique, citable reference to the document. From now on, the tutorial page of this website will point to the DOI.

At the same time we also registered a Zenodo community called "The GenABEL project". Please mention this community if you upload any material related to the GenABEL project to Zenodo.

(Please click on "read more", below, for more details.)

We intend to upload new versions of the tutorial to Zenodo whenever large changes occur. If you would like to be kept up to date about new releases of the tutorial and other GenABEL packages, please subscribe to our announcements mailing list. is a repository for sharing research in a broad sense. It accepts all kinds of data, like presentations, software and data sets and makes them easily accessible, citeable and discoverable. The Zenodo project is supported financially by the the European Commission via OpenAIRE.European Commission via OpenAIRE.