The mission of the GenABEL project is to provide a free framework for collaborative, robust, transparent, open-source based development of statistical genomics methodology. We aim to streamline methodology discussion, development, implementation, dissemination and maintenance; through the community.

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DatABEL package 0.9-4 is released

DatABEL package 0.9-4 is released on CRAN.

GenABEL package 1.7-4 released

Yesterday, the GenABEL package 1.7-4 was released on CRAN. The release fixes an important bug concerning the GRAMMAR-Gamma

Nicola Pirastu joins GenABEL forum as a moderator

Recently, Nicola Pirastu has kindly agreed to act as a moderator at the GenABEL forum.

ProbABEL v0.3.0 release

With the new year comes good news: ProbABEL v0.3.0 has been released today.

This release marks the end of a lot of work done on the internals of ProbABEL, which was started earlier this year by Maarten Kooyman. The most important thing a user will notice is an approximately four-fold speed increase when running palinear with the --mmscore option as well as possible speed increases in other use cases as well.
In his e-mail to the development mailing list of 2012-12-21 Maarten explains his work in more detail, including a few graphs of the speed gains.

ProbABEL v0.2.2 release

We are happy to announce a new release of ProbABEL: version 0.2.2 is out!
This version is an incremental update of v0.2.0, featuring several bug fixes and some new functionality in the script.

The GenABEL project video tutorials

We have started a series of the GenABEL project video tutorials

GenABEL package v. 1.7-2 on CRAN

GenABEL package, v. 1.7-2, is on now CRAN now and can be installed using command 'install.packages("GenABEL")'.

Grammar-Gamma method published in Nature Genetics

On Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012, Nature Genetics published the paper "Rapid variance components–based method for whole-genome association analysis" by Svisheva, Belonogova, Axenovich, van Duijn and Aulchenko.

Radboud University Medical Centre sponsors bug fix in ProbABEL's Cox PH module

It is our pleasure to announce the new release of the "pacoxph-fix" branch of ProbABEL which fixes bug [#1846] (discrepancy between results obtained using imputed dosage and probability information). The fix of this bug was sponsored by Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (Prof. Kiemeney) who holds the copyright of the changes, but was willing to release the resulting code under the standard free open source GNU GPL license.

Aug 9, 2012: The VariABEL paper is ranked highly accessed

An open-access paper describing the VariABEL package (published in BMC Genetics), was rated as "highly accessed".

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